New Research on Methylene Malonate Photopolymerization Presented at RadTech 2020 Conference

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Sirrus Research Chemist Taylor Goodrich recently presented new research on the photopolymerization of our patented methylene malonates at RadTech’s 2020 UV+EB Technology Conference.

The presentation explored UV curing of methylene malonates with free radical photoinitiators and photolatent bases. It also shed light on the utility of this process for 3D printing.

UV Cure of Methylene Malonates

According to Goodrich, methylene malonates can free-radically UV cure at a rate similar to methacrylates. They can also be UV cured anionically with the use of a photolatent base. These findings, which were expanded on in the RadTech 2020 presentation, have implications for many applications including next-generation 3D printing resins.

Compared to UV flood-cure and thermal post-cure processes, anionic post-cure of methylene malonates requires much less energy. The post-cure also occurs throughout the entire volume of the object, enhancing the bulk material properties and re​ducing the possibility for diffusion of unreacted material.

Goodrich presented this research on Monday, March 9th, in a RadTech presentation called “Photopolymerization of Methylene Malonates.” He and other Sirrus technical experts were also on-hand at the show to discuss these developments in further detail.

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