Research Initiative to Validate Methylene Malonates for Next-Generation Seed Coatings

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Polymer-based seed coatings can enhance seed performance, including improving the delivery of protectants, micronutrients, growth regulators and more. In a new research initiative, we’re exploring the role of our functionalized methylene malonate monomers in these seed coating applications.

Because our methylene malonates and crosslinkers can cure rapidly at ambient temperatures, the technology has the potential to lower the cost of applying seed coatings compared to incumbent waterborne coating systems that require a drying step. Methylene malonates may also improve coating properties, such as seed flow and the controlled release of active formulation components like fungicides, herbicides, pigments, insecticides and bactericides.

Our methylene malonate products may be designed to yield coating systems that require lower active ingredient consumption, as the target functional group is delivered more effectively to the seed.

Seed coatings are just one of the many applications envisioned under our SirrusNext applied research service, which we offer to industry partners interested in exploring the potential of our methylene malonate technology.

To learn more about this initiative, read our press release.

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