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Sirrus To Validate Methylene Malonate Chemistry For Next-Generation Seed Coatings

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Loveland, OH – December 7th, 2018—Sirrus Chemistry, the developer of a novel electron-deficient monomer platform, is exploring a new research-and-development initiative to validate the use of functionalized methylene malonate monomers in seed coating applications.

The research initiative investigates the use of Sirrus’ methylene malonate monomers and crosslinkers, which can cure rapidly at ambient temperatures. The technology’s cure mechanism has the potential to lower the cost of applying seed coatings compared to incumbent waterborne coating systems that require a drying step. At the same time, methylene malonates may improve coating properties ranging from seed flow to controlled release of active formulation components—such as fungicides, herbicides, pigments, insecticides and bactericides.

“There is a potential that Sirrus’ methylene malonate technology offers application advantages not easily attained with traditional coating systems,” says Jeff Sullivan, Sirrus SVP of Technology. “Further, our products may be designed to yield coating systems that require lower active ingredient consumption as the target functional group is delivered more effectively to the seed.”

Coatings for seeds are just one of the many applications envisioned under SirrusNext, an applied research service that the company offers to industry partners interested in exploring the potential of Sirrus’ patented methylene malonate technology.

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Sirrus Inc. develops and supplies unique chemical building blocks for the next generation of high performance coatings, adhesives, sealants and composites. Our patented technology focuses on methylene malonate monomers and oligomeric crosslinkers that can polymerize anionically at ambient temperatures. Sirrus works with development partners in the automotive, electronics, packaging and consumer goods industries to deliver sustainable products that will enhance energy efficiency, safety and performance. Sirrus Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Shokubai, a global chemical company and leading supplier of acrylates, specialty monomers, functional polymers and catalysts. For more information, visit

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