Working With BASF On Automotive Coatings

1024 580 Sirrus Chemistry

Here at Sirrus, we believe that methylene malonate-derived crosslinkers will transform the automotive coatings industry. By polymerizing rapidly at ambient temperatures without the need for ultraviolet light or high solvent loadings, our crosslinkers can drastically reduce the energy, compliance and capital equipment costs associated with incumbent coatings processes. At the same time, our malonate crosslinkers can help reduce those costs without sacrificing manufacturing throughput or performance of the finished coating.

For all its promise, though, our methylene malonate technology is only as good as the formulation expertise our industry partners bring to the table. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our latest joint development agreement with BASF’s Coatings Division. The agreement allows BASF to further develop a new class of high performance automotive coatings based on our technology.

You can learn more about the agreement in this release.